Aluminum is a material with many advantages for architectural enterprises: it resists to water and air corrosion, it is malleable, decorative and its thermal conductivity makes it very performant. 

Pexal Tecalum Canada builds aluminum profiles for enterprises of this sector, which includes those making curtain walls, commercial and residential doors and windows, ramps, structural elements, etc.


Its lightness, its mechanical resistance and durability makes aluminum a material with great potential in the transport industry.

This sector includes aluminum extrusions for ground, maritime, railway and aeronautical transportations. One of the advantages of opting for Pexal Tecalum Canada for the transport enterprises is our capacity to offer profiles as long as 17m (55’) and as wide as 380mm (15’’).


The ease of transforming aluminum and its durability makes it a material with great potential for the industrial sector.

At Pexal Tecalum Canada, we can offer you a customized product that will meet your specific needs. Our team of experienced engineers is at your service throughout your product’s design.

Pexal Tecalum Canada stands out from the competition with its facilities allowing us to make profiles as long as 17m (55’) and as wide as 380mm (15’’).

The applications in the industrial sector are numerous: conveyors, refrigeration appliances, power supplies, walkways, railings, etc.

Consumer goods

Aluminum offers many advantages for the fabrication of consumer goods. It can be easily transformed, it is light and has a great aesthetic finish.

Our aluminum profiles can be used in the fabrication of different consumer goods, for example, air conditioners, home appliances, furniture, sport equipment, electronic devices, etc.