About us

About us

Pexal Tecalum Canada, a solution in aluminum

Pexal Tecalum Canada is a Canadian enterprise stemming out of an international partnership with the Spanish enterprise Tecalum. Tecalum has been manufacturing aluminum extrusions for more than 40 years. This partnership has allowed a technological transfer that helped set up a very efficient factory from day one.

In our factory, we use state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to produce high-quality profiles. Our facilities also allows us to realise complex extrusions.

We have chosen to comply with European standards that require narrower tolerances than what we usually encounter in the industry.   

At Pexal Tecalum Canada, we want to be our client’s partners and to collaborate with them throughout the entire process in order to deliver a product that meets their every requirements. We are responsive to your needs and are committed to realising your projects.

Innovation is key for us. We strive for continuous improvement in order to always offer more to our clients.


Our mission is to offer our clients a custom high-quality aluminum extrusion that meets the highest standards. To do so, we work in close collaboration with our clients in order to understand their specific needs. We strive for continuous innovation in all of our enterprise’s sectors.


Be Canada’s best aluminum extruder by offering our clients a global solution for their present and future needs.



  • Team work

To remain a reference in aluminum extrusions, we need the collaboration of our employees, clients, suppliers and partners. We believe our development to be based upon the implication of all the parties involved for whom we implement structures that encourage exchanges on the best practices.


  • Respect

To continue being a leader in aluminum extrusion, it is essential that we work with our employees, clients suppliers and partners in an equitable manner, while remaining attentive to the needs of each parties.  


  • Innovation

To keep our competitive edge, we encourage the exploration of new ideas through a continuous improvement program. We believe in the human potential and in the constant improvement of our processes.  


  • Recognition

To remain an employer of choice, we recognise our employees’ professional goals and help in the process of achieving them. We believe in training and knowledge sharing.


  • Health and safety at work

To continue being a responsible employer, we assure the commitment of each member of Pexal Tecalum Canada to promote and create a safe working environment under any circumstances. This approach is the best way to ensure a continuous improvement of health and safety at work.